Sundown Cinema


Sundown Cinema is a summer film series held in San Francisco’s iconic parks. I created the brand identity and key art for the event in 2018 (while working at Alamo Drafthouse, who co-produced the event), and have continued to work with their team annually to refresh the art. Building off the yearly key art poster design, I also create digital and print collateral to promote the event.

Key Responsibilities

Key Art Concepting
Key Art Design
Event Art Direction
Production Design
Merch Design

︎ Behind the Design

The 2018 and 2019 poster art was a celebration of SF park life, and I illustrated elements found in SF’s different parks. In 2021,  the posters were updated to include illustrations from each of the movies in the lineup. Since the movies change each summer, we wanted the illustrations to reflect that experience. I also create a new color palette for the key art each year to keep the designs looking fresh and exciting!

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