The Gumbo Bros


As two Southerners in the Big Apple, Clay Boulware and Adam Lathan dreamed up The Gumbo Bros as a way to bring authentic Cajun cuisine to New York City. The brand started as a food stall inside of Madison Square Park’s semi-annual culinary pop-up market with huge success. In 2017, they found the perfect spot for The Gumbo Bros brick & mortar in Brooklyn, and opened up a second location in Nashville in 2022.

Key Responsibilities

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Social Media Marketing
Custom Sign Painting
Shop and Menu Desig

︎ Behind the Design

Making gumbo is truly a labor of love. We wanted the Gumbo Bros. brand to feel the same way. The logo was hand lettered and textured to give it a retro, stamped feel. The pattern was also hand drawn to feature the many elements that go into making a perfect gumbo - starting with the “holy trinity of Cajun cooking” - onion, celery, and bell pepper. 

︎ Background: Shop

In the initial phases of opening The Gumbo Bros brick-and-mortar, I assisted Clay and Adam in art directing the space they had found. I mocked up shop facades, a mural for the interior, and consulted on menu and interior design.

︎ Background: Stand

Humble beginnings! I helped Clay and Adam open the original food stand in Madison Square Park, as a part of the seasonal Mad. Sq. Eats. I hand-painted the logo sign and fleur-de-lis, and designed text and visual menus to showcase the list of offerings. 

︎ Background: Shop 2

Gumbo glow up! The Gumbo Bros Nashville opened in 2022 - so thrilled to see the original logo still in action. 

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