Google Fiber


GFiber (formerly Google Fiber) provides fast, reliable fiber-optic internet to tens of thousands of customers across the US.  As the lead designer on the Brand Team, I supported sales and marketing in brand expansion, growth,  promotion, and customer experience initiatives. 

Key Responsibilities

Brand identiy + expansion
Art direction
Logo development
Digital illustration

Print & packaging
Web & social design
Merch design

*work created as a contractor, provided by Magnit, Inc.

Brand Identity

GFiber Labs
GFiber Labs is GFiber’s hub for innovation and transformation within the internet experience. We’re talking the fastest internet on the market (20Gig!) with the newest technology to get it to you.  Working with GFiber’s creative director and strategist, I developed the GFiber Labs logo - a subbrand of the GFiber family. To maintain brand equity, the logo utilizes Google’s 4 core colors and typography, while reimagining the mark as a portal to the future of internet. 

Animation by Talia Bootz at GFiber
GFiber Business
GFiber Business is GFiber’s subbrand dedicated to servicing businesses of all sizes (as opposed to residential). Working with GFiber’s creative director and strategist, I designed the GFiber Business logo - a subbrand of the GFiber family. To maintain brand equity, the logo utilizes GFiber’s existing mark shape and brand typography, with a duotone color palette.

Self-Install Kit Redesign

Booklet System
I worked with GFiber’s Product Marketing team and copywriter to redesign the existing self-install kit (SIK) instruction guide. The previous guide was dense with copy and visually hard to follow. Since this kit is sent to customers installing their own Wi-Fi, it was imperative to be as clear and user-friendly as possible. I created a color-coded booklet system, with step-by-step instructions, simple illustrations and plenty of QR codes along the way. 
Box design
In addition to the booklets, I worked with the production team at HH Global to redesign the packaging to be more environmentally friendly and more theft-resistant. The booklets slide into the envelope, which is secured to the inside of the box. 

City Expansion

When GFiber expands into a new city, the Brand Team organizes a collateral pack of print materials, display ads, merch and OOH. I created 3 looks for the billboards, which have 3 unique messages in various sizes and are customized to that new market. 
︎ Coming Soon Messaging
︎ Arrived Messaging

︎ General Messaging
Dynamic Billboards
I had the opportunity to concept and design a set of dynamic billboards for placement in new markets. These out-of-the-box billboards focused on key differentiators like speed, new technology and of course, market growth.
T-Shirts (WIP)
As part of the expansion pack, I concepted and designed a set of T-Shirts to build excitement. Expansion was reimagined as a concert tour (coming to a city near you!), with merch designs people would actually want to rock in their city. 

Print Systems

Plans and Pricing Postcards & Flyers
I created a color-coded system of flyers and postcards to detail GFiber’s internet tier pricing, communicated across dozens of markets. 
Seasonal Event Flyers
GFiber’s retail stores and sales teams host many events throughout the year for customer acquisition and retention. I created a set of seasonal editable flyers for the sales teams to use to promote their events. There are 2 designs each for spring, summer, fall and winter events. 
Flyer Templates
I created a system of flyer templates to be used internally and by our production team at HH Global. This system allows the team to iterate quickly and remain visually consistent across markets. 
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