Free Spirit Distillery

2023 - present

Free Spirit Distillery is a Texas-based spirits brand opening in 2025. Founded by Grant Smith, an ophthalmologist with a background in chemistry and a love for whiskey, Free Spirit employs cutting-edge technology to distill unique spirits, while staying true to their Hill Country roots.

Key Responsibilities

Logos & Mark
Digital illustration
Packaging design

︎ Behind the Design
The team at Free Spirit was aiming for a simple but complex “elevated vintage” look inspired by 1800s apothecary bottles. As a nod to their handcrafted products, brand elements were illustrated by hand to appear etched. On the labels, we opted for a design that wrapped 90% around the bottle, with an angled unfinished edge. Certain details on the labels will be filled in by hand, providing customers with a high-end, customized product that they’d be proud to display on their shelves.

Bottle Packaging System

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