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In Good Taste Wine Brands

In Good Taste is a direct-to-consumer wine company that sells tasting flights of wines in single-serving glass bottles.
When I joined the team in 2021 as their first designer (!), the products had disjointed labels within a few loose “brands”. 
In conjunction with a company rebrand, the goal was to reintroduce our wines within 5 new & clearly defined brands—ultimately building brand recognition and equity. These 5 brands— Andiamo, La Pluma, Passport, Unprecedented, and Wild Child–are unique in their own rights, and together encompass the diverse landscape of wines offered by IGT.

Andiamo Wines

Italy is known for making some of the best wines in the world. This brand was created to showcase classic Italian varietals from the various winemaking regions of the Old World. 

︎Behind the Design︎
An ode to Art Deco Italian signage, the Andiamo logo is as classic as the wines inside the bottles. The color palette for Andiamo is dark, bold, and luxurious. The label color for red wines is dark green, purple for white wines, and dark blue for rose.  Typography for the Andiamo brand is pared down to reflect luxury packaging. 

La Pluma Wines

The La Pluma logo is inspired by calligraphic feather plume pens, with classic thicker down strokes, and thinner upstrokes. The color palette for La Pluma is light and airy like the wines inside the bottles. The label is white, with beige feather lines across all labels. White wines use colors within the green and blue color families, red wines use colors within the pink family, and rose wines use colors within the purple family. The La Pluma logo is printed using metallic foil on the labels. The label for La Pluma wraps nearly the full circumference of the bottle. The feather shape is a nod to the feather pen the brand is named after.

The logo for Passport Wines is stylized after the front cover of a U.S. passport book. The gold crest reflects a passport cover, as well as the familial crests found on many classic French wine labels.  Similar to classic French wine labels, the Passport labels are cream beige, but with a modern twist by adding pops of color. The crest is in gold, while all secondary text is in brown. The varietal name and wine classification is in color, coded to the type of wine inside.  Similar to traditional French wine labels, the Passport brand primarily utilizes serif typefaces, yet with a more modern take.  From shape to hierarchy, the Passport labels are modeled after traditional French wine labels, but with a more modern and young take.

A play on everyone’s favorite overused saying of 2020…”unprecedented times”, this logo is inspired by a newspaper masthead.  Similar to a newspaper, Unprecedented’s color palette is very simple and clean. The Unprecedented brand uses a mix of 3 serif fonts for the headline designs, to mimic traditional newspaper headlines. Inspired by some of the lighter moments of 2020 and beyond, this brand aims to bring some satire and levity into an otherwise dark time. The logo and labels are inspired by the news, shying away from anything too serious or potentially triggering. While the die line is the same across all bottles, the headlines and images change on each bottle. The headline background design features a grey overlay, to allow the masthead logo design to stand out.

Wild Child is the most fun and vibrant brand in the In Good Taste portfolio. The logo reflects the fun, slightly off-kilter nature of the brand.  Unlike the other brands, Wild Child has no color distinction coded to the wine varietal. The color palette is vibrant, saturated, and fun! The Wild Child logo is a customized mark created with the Revolve typeface. The Wild Child labels serve as collectible art pieces that vary by varietal. Organic shapes and textures are used to create a custom representation of each wine’s tasting notes, profile, and terroir.


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  • Photography Art Direction and Styling

Photography // The Brand Leader

Brand Strategy // Tatiana Ilnicki
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