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Alamo Drafthouse is a dine-in theater concept headquartered in Austin, TX with 40+ locations nationally. As an in-house designer, I worked on large-scale marketing campaigns, designed key art for signature programming and events, co-art directed food photoshoots, created movie-themed merch... and so much more. Truly a dream job!

Key Responsibilities

Key Art Design
Art Direction
Event Design
Hand Lettering
Merch Design


Video Animation
Alamo Video Team

Holiday Campaign
Kevin Munoz (Sr. Design)

Chris Bilheimer & Lauren Cooke (Creative Direction)
Rolling Roadshow/Valentine’s Campaign/Signature Series
Chris Bilheimer & Lauren Cooke (Creative Direction)

Sandlot Movie Poster
Rob Jones (Creative Direction). Art by Paul Mann

Mean Girls Pins
Jay Shaw & Allie Whalen (Creative Direction)

Holiday Gifting Campaign

︎ Background

This national-level marketing campaign was centered around giving the Gift of the Alamo experience. The campaign leaned heavily on driving gift card sales, as well as merchandise purchases and special event ticketing. Running across all 40 company-owned and franchised locations, over multiple touchpoints (in-theater + online), the campaign generated $6.5 million in revenue.

︎ Key Responsibilities
Key art design • Digital illustration • Print & digital signage • Web, display, social, & email assets • Merch design

︎ Behind the Design

Creative direction for the Alamo brand was “mid-century meets punk”, crafted by the talented Chris Bilheimer. Inspired by the DIY nature of the punk movement, the brand’s designs all have a handmade element to them. As someone who loves hand lettering, analog illustration, and the clean lines and colors of the 50s - this was my ideal aesthetic to work in.

Your Own Private Alamo Campaign

︎ Background

When most of the theaters were forced to close during the pandemic, Alamo pivoted to create a private rental offering. I storyboarded and illustrated two ads shared online and in theaters to promote the offering.

︎ Key Responsibilities

Video concepting • Digital illustration • Storyboard design

Schmalentine’s Day Campaign

︎ Background

Staying true to the brand, Alamo Drafthouse’s Schmalentine’s Day campaign was positioned as an “Anti-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day” campaign. The focus was on driving ticket sales for special screenings, gift card purchases, as well as charitable donations in the form of “big screen love notes” that would air during the pre-show...a heartwarming touch.

︎ Key Responsibilities

Key art design • Illustration • Print & digital signage • Web, display, social, & email assets • Storyboard design

Rolling Roadshow

Rolling Roadshow (RRS) takes the excitement of an Alamo movie experience on the road, showing outdoor film screenings of famous movies in famous places.

RRS: Hot Luck Festival x Three Amigos

︎ Background

RRS teamed up with Hot Luck Festival to kick off the festival announce with delicious food and a screening of Three Amigos. This co-branded event blended the festival’s Mid-century/sign-painter vibe with the film.

︎ Key Responsibilities

Key art design • Digital llustration • Print & digital signage • Web, display, social, & email assets

RRS: Dazed & Confused Anniversary Screening

︎ Background

In honor of the cult film’s 25th anniversary, RRS threw a Movie Party at the location of the infamous “Party at the Moontower”. The identity drew from the 1970s and Austin’s iconic moontowers. 

︎ Key Responsibilities

Key art design • Digital llustration • Print & digital signage • Web, display, social, & email assets

Signature Programming

︎ Background

One of Alamo Drafthouse’s key differentiators in the movie-going experience is the unique monthly programming in the theaters and bars. Each “Signature Series” is individually branded to the theme, type of event and movies showcased.

︎ Key Responsibilities

Key art design • Hand lettering • Digital llustration • Digital collage • Menu design • Web, display, social, & email assets

Alamo and Mondo Merch

︎ Background

A sister company to Alamo Drafthouse, Mondo is well known for limited edition posters, games & puzzles, tees, and other collectible goods. Many of the theaters have small retail sections, housing curated collections of movie-themed merch. I created merch items for in-theater retail, as well as items for internal initiatives and gifts.

︎ Key Responsibilities

Hand lettering • Packaging design • Merch design 

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